2020 Index of Grantee Stories

Howard Buffett’s Border War: A Billionaire’s Son Is Spending Millions in Cochise County
Grantee Beau Hodai for Phoenix News Times (Jan. 10)

Foster Parents Struggle Against Retaliation by State Caseworkers
Grantee Rachel Nielsen for Investigate West (Jan. 15)

Rolling Hills Estates murder suspect in Montenegro says he’s not dodging police
Grantees Larry Altman, Vladimir Otasevic and Sasa Lekovic for Daily Breeze (Jan. 31)

Don’t count on the census
Grantee Natasha Haverty for Reveal (Feb. 1)

Consumer Reporting Firms Fought for a Year to Exempt Data From California Privacy Law
Grantee Michael Stoll authored by Yuri Nagano for SF Public Press (Feb. 13)

Heroes, terrorists, and the police
Grantee Danielle Mackey for Chicago Reader (Feb. 20)

Inside Trump’s Divisive Mission to Identify and Deter Potential Extremists
Grantee Julia Harte for The Nation (March 2)

Land-grab universities
Grantee Tristan Ahtone and co-author Robert Lee for High Country News (April 1)

Coca-Cola and Cape Town’s sweetheart Day Zero deal
Grantee Raymond Joseph and co-author Steve Kretzmann for Ground Up (May 8)

Documenting COVID-19
Grantee Derek Kravitz for The Brown Institute for Media Innovation (June 1)

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Playing Out Inside D.C.’s Troubled Child Welfare Agency
Grantee Morgan Baskin for Washington City Paper (June 4)

Belly of the Beast (Documentary)
Grantee Erika Cohn for Human Rights Watch Film Festival/PBS (June 11)

Climate Change is Killing Americans. Health Departments Aren’t Equipped to Respond
Grantee Bridget Hickey and colleagues Ali Raj, Dean Russell, Elisabeth Gawthrop, and Veronica Penney for The Center for Public Integrity (June 16)

Deadly heat is killing Americans: A decade of inaction on climate puts lives at risk
Grantee Bridget Hickey and colleagues Ali Raj, Dean Russell, Elisabeth Gawthrop, and Veronica Penney for The Guardian (June 16)

Air COVID-19
Grantee Jenny Manrique Cortes for Palabra (July 1)

Florida companies are cashing in on deportation flights — about $35,000 per deportee
Compañías floridanas que operan vuelos de deportación cobran unos $35,000 por deportado
Grantee Angelika Albaladejo for The Miami Herland and El Nuevo Herald (July 30)

They’re Children at Risk of Abuse, and Their Caseworkers Are Stuck Home
Grantees from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism for New York Times (Aug. 7)

US asylum shutdown leaves LGBTQ+ people stranded and in danger in Mexico
Grantee William Martin for The New Humanitarian (Aug. 13)

Public colleges hide donors who seek to influence students. Will COVID-19 make it worse?
Grantee Miranda Spivack for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in collaboration with USA Today (Aug. 13)

Trump Appointees Short-Circuited Grid Modernization to Help the Coal Industry
Grantee Peter Fairley for Investigate West (Aug. 20)

New U.S. Citizens Were One Of The Fastest-Growing Voting Blocs. But Not This Year.
Grantee Eileen Guo for FiveThirtyEight (Aug. 31)

Grantees Neil Bedi and Kathleen McGrory for Tampa Bay Times (Sept. 3)

Which Louisville Judge Let Police Search Your House? Most Signatures Are Unreadable
Grantees from The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (KyCIR) for KyCIR (Sept. 16)

The Syndicate Podcast
Grantee Chris Walker for Imperative Entertainment (Sept. 15)

Gaming the System
Diversity Fellow Romina Ruiz-Goiriena for The Miami Herald. (Oct. 20)

Behind Georgia’s Covid-19 dashboard disaster
Grantee Keren Landman for Atlanta Magazine (Oct. 24)

Profiting From Thrift: Who’s Getting Rich Off Your Secondhand Stuff?
Grantee Francesca Lyman for InvestigateWest, co-published in Salon (Oct. 30)

Mississippi ‘throws away’ juveniles, robbing them of chance for redemption, advocates say
Grantees at the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting (Nov. 2)

Poorly treated effluent sends refinery water use skyrocketing
Grantees Steve Kretzmann and Raymond Joseph for the Center for Collaborative Journalism (Nov. 10)

Burkina Faso’s Invisible War
Grantee Clair MacDougall for Columbia Journalism Review (Nov. 20)

Connecticut’s Halfhearted Battle: Response To Lead Poisoning Epidemic Lacks Urgency
Grantee Jenifer Frank for The Connecticut Health I-Team (Nov. 23)