Index of Grantees’ Stories

Who’s Supervising Overtime at CPD?
Jim Daley and Kiran Misra for South Side Weekly (Aug. 19)

‘Shooting First And Asking Questions Later’
Alysia Santo and R.G. Dunlop for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (Aug. 13)

St. Dominic Knew Patients Couldn’t Afford Care. It Sued Them Anyway.
Giacomo Bologna for Mississippi Center For Investigative Reporting (Aug. 6)

A Stronger Electricity Grid Is Crucial to Cutting Carbon. Does that Make It Green?
Peter Fairley for The Tyee (July 29)

Without body cameras, Iowa State Patrol is an outlier among Iowa law enforcement
Erin Jordan for the Bellevue Herald-Leader (July 14)

Emails: Michigan sheriff sought to seize voting machines amid Trump claims
Jonathan Oosting for Bridge Magazine (July 2)

The Perfect Police State (Book)
Geoffrey Cain for Public Affairs Books (June 29)

10 jobs that will help shape a zero-emissions future
Michelle Gamage for Grist (June 26)

Escaped Missouri Inmate Could Be Coming for Ex-Wife, His Sister Warns
Ryan Krull for RiverFront Times (June 25)

The High Price of the City’s Shows of Force
Jim Daley for South Side Weekly (June 23)

The Central California Town That Keeps Sinking
Lois Henry for the Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism and The New York Times (May 25)

They were at the Capitol riot. Now, these Michigan Republicans want your vote
Jonathan Oosting for Bridge Magazine (May 25)

Can an innovative approach to reforestation take root in British Columbia?
Amanda Follett Hosgood for InvestigateWest (May 12)

The secrets left behind by Millinocket’s ousted leaders
Josh Keefe for Bangor Daily News (May 5)

Book: The School I Deserve: Six Young Refugees and Their Fight for Equality in America
Jo Napolitano (April 22)

PODCAST: Struggling to Breathe in The Bronx in Age of COVID
Ese Olumhense for The City (April 21)

Flooding on the Fox: Buyouts work for some, but not others, as a flood mitigation tool in McHenry County
Sam Lounsberry for Northwest Herald (April 15)

A prosecutor ended his police career. He doesn’t understand why she won’t hear his side.
Josh Keefe for Bangor Daily News (April 14)

Calls to D.C. Child and Family Services Agency Have Dropped, but That Doesn’t Mean Child Abuse Has Stopped
Ashley Hackett for Washington City Paper (April 8)

Kentucky’s Budget Shrunk. These Informal Foster Parents Were Left with Nothing.
Graham Ambrose for The Imprint (April 4)

U.S. Continued Deporting People with COVID-19, Despite New Protocols
Oscar Garcia for palabra. (March 26)

A prosecutor worried he wasn’t credible. Then Millinocket hired him as police chief.
Josh Keefe for Bangor Daily News (March 26)

Chicago Police Overtime Broke Department Records in 2020
Jim Daley and Kiran Misra for South Side Weekly (March 15)

An Anonymous Missouri Prison Watchdog Steps Forward
Ryan Krull for Riverfront Times (March 15)

The Rubber Industry’s Toxic Legacy in Akron
Yanick Rice Lamb for Belt Magazine (March 5)

Did James Plymell need to die?
Leah Sottile for High Country News (March 1)

Cops Got Overtime for Anjanette Young Raid
Jim Daley for South Side Weekly (Feb. 23)

Pandemic fails to slow agribusiness’s thirst for Cerrado’s water
Caio de Freitas Paes for Mongabay (Feb. 9)

Overworked, Underpaid, and Cutting Corners: The Crisis in Home Health Care
Jake Bittle for The New Republic (Feb. 9)

Trader Cargill, pension fund TIAA linked to land grabs in Brazil’s Cerrado
Caio de Freitas Paes for Mongabay (Feb. 3)

Through the Cracks
Jonquilyn Hill for WAMU American University Radio (Jan. 22)

Louisville Police Routinely Busted Down Doors In Hunt For Drugs
Jacob Ryan for Kentucky Center for Investigative Journalism (Jan. 19)

Dissed: Interviews with Latino Journalists Yield Stories of Discrimination
Dagmar Thiel and Frank LaRue for palabra. (Jan 16)

A Lost Decade: How Climate Action Fizzled In Cascadia
Peter Fairley for InvestigateWest (Jan. 11)

Members of Congress Profited From COVID Bailout While Small Businesses Were Shut Out
Justin Glawe and Jeremy Borden for Sludge (Dec. 24)

COVID-19 Runs Rampant in Slavic Religious Communities Across the U.S.
Ruslan Gurzhiy for Slavic Sacramento (Dec. 16)

‘Buy it or else’: Inside Monsanto and BASF’s moves to force dicamba on farmers
Johnathan Hettinger for Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting (Dec. 4)

Connecticut’s Halfhearted Battle: Response To Lead Poisoning Epidemic Lacks Urgency
Grantee Jenifer Frank for The Connecticut Health I-Team (Nov. 23)

Burkina Faso’s Invisible War
Grantee Clair MacDougall for Columbia Journalism Review (Nov. 20)

We Keep the Dead Close (Book)
Grantee Becky Cooper (Nov. 10)

Poorly treated effluent sends refinery water use skyrocketing
Grantees Steve Kretzmann and Raymond Joseph for the Center for Collaborative Journalism (Nov. 10)

Mississippi ‘throws away’ juveniles, robbing them of chance for redemption, advocates say
Grantees at the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting (Nov. 2)

Profiting From Thrift: Who’s Getting Rich Off Your Secondhand Stuff?
Grantee Francesca Lyman for InvestigateWest, co-published in Salon (Oct. 30)

Behind Georgia’s Covid-19 dashboard disaster
Grantee Keren Landman for Atlanta Magazine (Oct. 24)

Gaming the System
Diversity Fellow Romina Ruiz-Goiriena for The Miami Herald. (Oct. 20)

The Syndicate Podcast
Grantee Chris Walker for Imperative Entertainment (Sept. 15)

Which Louisville Judge Let Police Search Your House? Most Signatures Are Unreadable
Grantees from The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (KyCIR) for KyCIR (Sept. 16)

Grantees Neil Bedi and Kathleen McGrory for Tampa Bay Times (Sept. 3)