FIJ Gift Acceptance Policy


The Fund for Investigative Journalism was organized for the purpose of promoting independent investigative journalism in the public interest. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) maintains high ethical standards so as to preserve the integrity and good name of FIJ and to protect its interests.


This policy applies to those individuals who have a substantial influence over FIJ’s affairs. Specifically, those Persons include members of FIJ’s Board of Directors, members of standing and ad-hoc committees created by the Board, and FIJ employees. Contract employees who perform substantive aspects of FIJ’s regular business are also subject to the policy.

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Fund for Investigative Journalism operates at all times recognizing the independence of editors and reporters of any journalism enterprise.  Editorial function and news coverage of any funded project shall at all times remain independent of the donor and of FIJ, and no attempt shall be made to influence or interfere with the editorial policies or decisions of any funded project. Funders may not review FIJ-funded projects before publication.
FIJ will accept gifts from named companies, individuals and foundations for unrestricted support, or for broad purposes (grants for journalists, domestic reporting grants, mentorships, fellowships as examples).

If FIJ accepts a donation for a specific editorial project, FIJ will disclose the source of funding. Such gifts require the advance approval of the FIJ board.

FIJ will accept anonymous gifts for unrestricted support, but not for broad purpose funds or specific editorial projects.

Sources of gifts include individuals, donor-advised funds with clear and transparent origins, foundations, corporations, and unknown anonymous donors.

FIJ reserves the right to decline gifts that may need to be converted into usable assets, such as real estate or vehicles. Such gifts will be accepted only with the approval of the Board.
FIJ reserves the right to decline any gifts that the FIJ board believes might create an appearance of bias or conflict of interest, or might otherwise represent reputational risk to FIJ.

Grant-making policy

Funders have no role in the review of grant applications submitted to FIJ or in the selection of grantees. The Board of the Fund for Investigative Journalism is the sole authority over the grant selection process. This policy will be prominently displayed on The Fund for Investigative Journalism website.

Adopted by the Board of the Fund for Investigative Journalism on March 12, 2019.