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    FEMA Fails to Adapt to Climate Change

    August 20th, 2015

    FEMAnewbridge-336x224From Elizabeth Shogren for the New England Center for Investigative Reporting and Al Jazeera America: when it comes to disaster relief, FEMA leaves communities vulnerable to the greater disasters to come due to climate change. Its policies are rooted in the outdated assumption that the climate of tomorrow will resemble the climate of yesterday. For example, it routinely pays to replace old, failed structures, rather than upgrade them with stronger construction that can withstand rising sea levels and greater downpours.

    Vermont Public Radio invited Shogren as a guest to talk about her investigation.

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    Photo credit: Elizabeth Shogren

    The Real Cost of Bank Trustees

    August 19th, 2015

    2202_NPQ Summer_cover-72dpi copyFrom Rick Cohen, reporting for Nonprofit Quarterly, an investigation of the conflict of interest involving bank trustees – who both serve on charitable foundation boards and charge the foundations large, sometimes excessive, fees to manage their investments, assets, and even operations.

    [Reporting sponsored by The Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.]


    No Lawyers Allowed

    July 29th, 2015

    PrisonFrom Alisa Roth for Life of the Law: There are some places where defendants have no right to legal representation. Prison, for example.

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    Photo credit: Nancy Mullane

    The Fight for Transgender Rights in Jail

    July 27th, 2015

    From Nicole Pasulka for BuzzFeed, the fight for respect for transgender people – in jail.

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    Seeking Better Care for Texas Foster Kids

    July 24th, 2015

    Cortez-NeavelFrom Beth Cortez-Neavel for The Texas Observer, and the radio show Texas Standard, an investigation of the “highly dysfunctional” and severely underfunded mental health services that foster children are forced to rely upon in Texas.  Many who suffered childhood traumas receive inadequate treatment, with consequences that follow them through life.

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    Photo credit: Beth Cortez-Neavel


    Oakland Police Misconduct

    July 20th, 2015

    occupyarrestFrom the team at Oakland Local, a comprehensive look at police accountability, using public records including civil court filings and judgments. The “Oakland Police Beat” database allows public access to original documents and data on wrongful deaths and other police misconduct.

    Photo credit: Elijah Nouvelage

    [Reporting sponsored by The Green Park Foundation.]

    Police Dishonesty Overturning Convictions

    July 20th, 2015

    sean ellis

    From Nancy West, for VTDigger, the story of how convictions are being overturned nationwide – sometimes after decades of imprisonment – because prosecutors failed to tell defendants that police officers testifying against them had a history of dishonesty or excessive force buried in confidential personnel files. There’s no way to know how many convicts are unaware they were denied their constitutional right to all favorable, material evidence against them.

    [Reporting sponsored by The Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.]

    Photo: Sean Ellis is pictured with his attorneys at his bail hearing in Boston. A judge ordered a new trial for Ellis who spent 22 years in prison after being convicted of killing a Boston police detective. Courtesy of the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, Brandeis University.


    The Chinese Military Connection to the Nicaragua Canal

    July 20th, 2015

    Santiago Villa, for Confidencial Magazine, investigates and connects the dots between the developer of the Nicaragua Canal and the Chinese military.

    [Reporting sponsored by The Reva and David Logan Foundation.]


    Trade Deal Fails Haitian Workers

    July 16th, 2015

    dominican_republic_cane_burnFrom Amy Bracken for Al Jazeera America, part one of an investigation of the working conditions for Haitians in the Dominican Republic. Conditions were supposed to improve under a trade deal between the U.S., the Dominican Republic, and five Central American countries. But Bracken documents a harsh life for Haitians working on the sugar plantations including excessive hours and unsanitary living conditions.

    A plantation owner tells Bracken there is little or no enforcement of labor standards: “No, they are not interested in how we’re treating the Haitians.”

    In Part Two, Bracken explains the cozy relationship between U. S. government officials and America’s sugar barons.

    [Reporting sponsored by The Reva and David Logan Foundation.]

    Vendetta: Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffa

    July 14th, 2015

    Vendetta2From James Neff, an investigation of the battle between Bobby Kennedy and Jimmy Hoffa, waged during Kennedy’s time with the Senate Rackets Committee and later at the U. S. Justice Department where Kennedy assembled a “Get Hoffa” squad devoted to destroying Hoffa.

    Neff’s book, published by Little, Brown and Company, is now on sale.

    Neff was interviewed about his book on NPR’s All Things Considered.