FIJ awards $120,000 in grants for investigative journalism

APRIL 19, 2017
FIJ awards $120,000 in grants
for investigative journalism
WASHINGTON – The Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) has awarded $120,000 in grants to journalists working on projects across the United States and around the world. Grants from FIJ help freelancers and reporters working for nonprofit news organizations cover expenses such as document retrieval, travel to develop and interview sources, and equipment rental fees.”The record number of grants, and dollars committed to journalists is buoyed by an increase in funds flowing from the public to FIJ,” said Ricardo Sandoval-Palos, FIJ’s board president. “By plowing these donations into the work of investigative reporters, we are recognizing the value the public has placed on independent journalism in speaking truth to power.”The grantees include:• Andrew Burton, a San Francisco based filmmaker and photographer
Rebecca Clarren, reporter for InvestigateWest
Erika Cohn, an investigative journalist and filmmaker
Roy Gutman, a freelance correspondent covering the Middle East
Beau Hodai, a freelance investigative reporter focused on national security
May Jeong, a Kabul-based investigative reporter
Sophia Jones, an Istanbul-based journalist with The Fuller Project
Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, a journalism professor working with a team of journalists and students
Maureen Nandini Mitra and Zoe Loftus-Farren of Earth Island Journal with Candice Bernd of Truthout
Maeve McGoran, an audio journalist based in Miami
Shawn Musgrave, a Boston-based investigative reporter
Rina Palta, a correspondent for KPCC covering the social safety net
Kate Pastor, a freelance journalist
Daniel Ross, a Los Angeles-based investigative journalist
Sabrina Shankman of InsideClimate News
Fabiola Torres Lopez, who specializes in health care investigations for Peru-based OjoPúblico
Curtis Waltman, a Boston-based reporter at MuckRock
Rob Waters, a California-based journalistThe Fund for Investigative Journalism supports groundbreaking investigative stories that otherwise would not be told. Founded in 1969, FIJ makes grants to independent investigative journalists who have great tips, ideas, and sources, but need financial resources to do their work.

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