FIJ Board Member Clarence Page Celebrates 50th-Year Anniversary at the Chicago Tribune

FIJ’s Board Member, Clarence Page, is celebrating his 50th-year anniversary as a syndicated columnist at the Chicago Tribune. “Few writers across the country approach politics, culture, and race with the depth and scholarship that Page brings to each of his columns,” Tribune editors wrote in an editorial celebrating Page’s tenure. His long-time editor, Marcia Lythcott, who retired from the Tribune in 2018, said “He isn’t a doomsday columnist. He is, ‘We can do better, people.'”

An Ohio native, Page joined the Tribune in 1969 after graduating from Ohio University. Since 1991, he has worked from the Washington, D.C.,’s Tribune bureau. He has won two Pulitzers: one in 1972, as part of a Tribune team; the second one for commentary in 1989.

Page has been a regular guest of Sunday morning talk shows.  He was often on the McLaughlin Group, a political talk show that ran on public television for 34 years until it was canceled in 2016, after its long-time host, John McLaughlin, died. The show is being revived, and it will return to PBS stations nationwide early next year. Page will join a new host and other pundits, including Pat Buchanan.