In series looking electric future of San Francisco, grantee digs into history of PG&E

Plug-in buses charge up at the Muni Woods Yard, part of San Francisco's plan to expand to 1,000 electric buses by 2040. (Photo: Ted Weinstein)

In new series, grantee Kristi Coale is looking into San Francisco’s electric future for The Frisc. The first story in the series examines the long and troubled relationship between San Francisco and PG&E, the regional power company. With support from the Fund, Coale conducted the most robust public accounting yet on incidents and project delays that affect every aspect of life in the city. She documented more than 150 projects in the last six years that PG&E has delayed, in some cases for more than five years – and she tracked the impact on bus lines, homeless shelters, affordable housing, street lights and other facets of life in San Francisco.