Giving Thanks

It’s the time of year to give thanks, and in that spirit, the board and staff of the Fund for Investigative Journalism would like to express our gratitude to the journalists and editors who have volunteered to work with our grantees as mentors, to the organizations which have expanded our effectiveness by forging partnerships, and to our financial supporters.


David Biello, Scientific American

Ron Campbell, Orange County Register

Wendell Cochran, American University

Sarah Cohen, New York Times

Matt Doig, Newsday

David Donald, Center for Public Integrity

Mark Feldstein, University of Maryland

Gary Fields, Wall Street Journal

Robin Fields, ProPublica

Laura Frank, I-News Network

Manny Garcia, El Nuevo Herald

James Grimaldi, Wall Street Journal

Andy Hall, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Reporting

Dianna Hunt, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

David Kaplan, Global Investigative Journalism Network

Kevin Keeshan, NBC

Mike McGraw, Kansas City Star

Josh Meyer, Medill School of Journalism

Jim Morris, Center for Public Integrity

Jim Neff, Seattle Times

Deb Nelson, University of Maryland

Chuck Neubauer, Washington Times

Ron Nixon, New York Times

Lois Norder, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Judy Pasternak, Author

Robert Rosenthal, Center for Investigative Reporting

Ricardo Sandoval Palos, Human Rights Watch

Fred Schulte, Center for Public Integrity

Andy Segal, Independent producer

Ken Silverstein, Harper’s Magazine

Joe Stephens, Washington Post

Adam Thompson, ProPublica

Tisha Thompson, WRC-TV

Steve Weinberg, Missouri School of Journalism

Chris Woodside, Author

Alison Young, USA Today

Daniel Zwerdling, NPR


Catalogue for Philanthropy – Greater Washington

The Dykema law firm

Investigative Reporters and Editors

Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University

Society of Environmental Journalists


Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

Gannett Foundation

Green Park Foundation

Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation

The Nara Fund

Otto-Whalley Family Foundation

Park Foundation

Connie Rydberg and Nirav Kapadia

Thank you!