Park Foundation Supports Investigative Journalism Grants

(Washington) The Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) is pleased to announce that The Park Foundation has awarded $50,000 in support of FIJ’s grant-making program for independent investigative reporters. This marks the fifth year the Foundation has supported investigative projects screened and selected by FIJ’s board of directors.

During the past year, with Park Foundation backing, reporters have exposed how rare it is for the federal government to prosecute corporate environmental crime, the pay-to-play culture connecting political money and government contractors in the District of Columbia, and the hazards of transporting explosive crude oil across America by train – along the country’s aging railroad tracks and trestles.

The Park Foundation support helps underwrite FIJ’s program of grants for independent reporters who have the ideas, sources, and know-how to produce groundbreaking investigative journalism, but need help with travel and other expenses.

Headquartered in Ithaca New York, The Park Foundation’s media program supports investigative journalism, public broadcasting programs, and documentaries. The Foundation also supports higher education, environmental causes, animal welfare, community needs and sustainability initiatives in and around Ithaca.