Meet Our First Coronavirus Grantees

In late March, the board of directors of the Fund for Investigative Journalism unveiled new emergency grants for U.S.-based freelance investigative journalists working on stories about the coronavirus.

The stories must break new ground and expose wrongdoing in the public or private sector. Many requests are streaming in and under review. But the board is happy to announce the first five grantees approved for this new grant. The funds will help cover the costs of reporting. We are still accepting proposals for coronavirus stories and invite you to apply on our website. 

Grant Recipients:

Mya Frazier

Business and investigative journalist based in the Midwest.

Derek Kravitz

Journalist with the Columbia University Brown Institute for Media Innovation.

Ruslan Gurzhiy

Publisher of Slavic Sacramento, a Russian/English local news outlet based in northern California.

Eileen Guo

Los Angeles-based magazine journalist and audio reporter who covers inequality.

Morgan Baskin

Freelance reporter based in Washington, D.C.