Cleaning up Honduran national police is no easy task, grantee finds

Photograph: Jorge Cabrera and Fernando Destephen

Reporters Jennifer Avila and Danielle Mackey, writing for Contracorriente, probed efforts to professionalize the Honduran national police force and rid it of corrupt officers. A special commission was created to clean up law enforcement in Honduras and about 6,500 officers were purged, but the departures have left police agencies with fewer officers as the new government works to transform and demilitarize public safety. With a grant from the Fund, the reporters found that some efforts by U.S. prosecutors to get help from their Honduran counterparts were unanswered, leaving many to wonder if the efforts to rid the country of corruption in law enforcement would succeed any time soon. Still, a former national police chief was extradited to the U.S. to face charges of drug trafficking. The story appeared in Spanish and English.