Connecticut Health Investigation: Response to Lead Poisoning Epidemic Lacks Urgency

to right: Fanny Quille with children Rocio Valladares, 2; Beverly Valladares,7; Angel Valladares,14; and Anthony Valladares, 7 months; in the home they rent on Wood Ave. in Bridgeport. Their flat was inspected after Rocio became ill. She was found to have elevated levels of lead in her blood. High levels of lead were found in the peeling exterior paint on the house. Melanie Stengel

As states across the country fight the COVID-19 pandemic, a lead poisoning epidemic is raging in Connecticut, where weak state laws have done little to help the disproportionately Black and Hispanic victims, according to grantee Jenifer Frank’s new report.

Although the state adopted CDC’s strict standards for lead poisoning almost a decade ago, its laws continue to require action only when children test three or four times higher than the national standard for lead levels.

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