Federal government fails to help communities threatened by climate change, grantees find

Village of Kotlik

For decades, the federal government has known that climate change will force people in the U.S. to relocate – but has failed to provide funding or a plan to help them. As a result, communities are left in harm’s way as floods, hurricanes, fires and other climate-related disasters mount. A team of journalists, with a grant from the Fund, spent a year digging into the challenges facing communities and tracking how limited funding is being distributed. They found that people of color make up more than half the residents in counties that experienced at least three climate disasters in the past five years – but these counties received 40 percent less funding per person from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s spending on disaster preparedness. The series was co-published by Grist, Mother Jones,  The Center for Public Integrity and Yahoo News. It was reported by Julia Shipley, Olga Loginova, Zak Cassel and Alex Lubben, working in conjunction with Columbia Journalism Investigations, the Center for Public Integrity and Type Investigations.