Fund for Investigative Journalism Receives Funding from FairWarning to Support Reporting on Critical Issues

WASHINGTON, DC, September 15, 2021 – The Fund for Investigative Journalism announced today that it is receiving funding from FairWarning, the nonprofit investigative news organization that announced earlier this year that it is closing. When a nonprofit organization dissolves, it designates another organization to receive its remaining funds; Fair Warning designated the Fund for Investigative Journalism, given the close alignment in the organizations’ missions.

The Fund will use the donation to support investigative reporting on the set of issues that FairWarning covered: public health, consumer, workplace and environmental issues, and related topics of government and business accountability.

“For 52 years, we’ve provided journalists with the resources they need to cover these issues – including journalists at FairWarning, who received grants from us for groundbreaking stories on environmental and consumer issues,” said Eric Ferrero, Executive Director of the Fund for Investigative Journalism. “We are deeply grateful to the Board of Directors of FairWarning for designating us to receive these funds so that we can support even more investigative reporting that has an impact on these critical issues.”

FairWarning was founded in 2009 and began publishing in 2010. It has produced hundreds of deeply reported investigative stories that have been published in nearly 200 media outlets across the country. Recent stories published by FairWarning can be viewed here.

The Fund for Investigative Journalism was founded in 1969 and provides support directly to journalists for investigative reporting that has an impact. This includes grants to help cover the expenses of investigations, as well as editorial mentorship, legal assistance and training. The Fund’s work has expanded significantly in the last two years. It has increased the number of grants it provides by 35%, doubled the number of journalists who also receive mentoring and legal help, and significantly increased the diversity of grant recipients (more than half of whom are women and nearly 45% of whom are journalists of color). Recent stories produced with FIJ’s support can be viewed here.