Grantee exposes Guatemala’s war on journalists and a crusading prosecutor

Part of the cover of elPeriódico, a Guatemalan newspaper whose final issue was published in May 2023. Credit: Courtesy of elPeriódico

Reveal, with support from the Fund, revisited a story produced in 2020 in collaboration with a Guatemalan journalist José Rubén Zamora, who is in prison after his newspaper published more than 100 stories about corruption in Guatemala’s government. The hour-long story looked at the root causes of corruption and impunity in Guatemala and how they have prompted generations of Guatemalans to flee their country and migrate north. Maria Martin interviewed residents in Huehuetenango, a province near Guatemala’s border with Mexico and a source of thousands of migrants who have left for the U.S. The story explored how the Trump Administration helped dismantle anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala and how journalists in the country have been targeted by the government.