Grantee’s book reveals high stakes and dangerous race to map the last frontier – the seafloor

Journalist Laura Trethewey, with support from the Fund, published The Deepest Map, which chronicles the quest to map the last mysterious place on earth – the global seafloor – and tells the story of the private explorers, investors, militaries and mappers who are making that a reality. Trethewey’s reporting uncovered the role that the Nippon Foundation, Japan’s largest philanthropic organization with an ultra-nationalist past, has played in supporting these efforts. She also revealed how corporate influence is behind the push to open international waters to deep-sea mining at the International Seabed Authority, the UN-associated regulator based in Kingston, Jamaica. The New York Times called the book “a gripping and all-too-timely account of what in more ways than one is turning out to be a very costly and questionably necessary race to the bottom.” Science magazine praised the work for its revelation of “the various threads involved in building this intricate tapestry.”