Ongoing environmental series explores new regeneration program

Kuperman has based her Seed the North experiment in the Kispiox Valley of British Columbia. Climate change has affected the region’s forests in recent decades through wildfires and pest outbreaks, such as the mountain pine beetle infestation.

InvestigateWest’s Decarbonizing Cascadia series, with a grant from the Fund, has been exploring how Washington, Oregon and British Columbia’s governments have failed to live up to their promises to moderate climate pollution by 2020.

Amanda Follett Hosgood’s recent installment of the series explores the Seed the North project, which aims to regenerate large swaths of land in British Columbia in an effort to sequester carbon and fight the climate crisis. As Hosgood reports, the project will collect seeds, combine them in biodiverse seedpods and drop them using drone technology over thousands of acres.