Pittsburgh’s most experienced teachers cluster in best-supported schools, mirroring state trend, grantee finds

Photos via Canva Stock. (Photo illustration by Natasha Vicens/PublicSource)

In an ongoing series looking at Pittsburgh’s public schools, Public Source’s Lajja Mistry found that the more experience a teacher has, the more likely that teacher will be working in a school that has more resources. While most of the system’s $676 million annual operating budget goes towards staff salaries, not all of the system’s schools have enough staff. This is in line with a statewide trend in which Black and Hispanic students and those from low-income families have the least-experienced teachers, Mistry reported. With support from The Fund, Mistry found that the district appears to lack a robust strategy for addressing the gaps in staffing. As a new budget season approaches, the system may have to find a way to anticipated funding shortages.