“All The Justice Money Can Buy” book review

Winner of FIJ’s Gene Roberts Book Award, “All the Justice Money Can Buy,” by Snigdha Prakash, is being favorably reviewed: “One can read Snigdha Prakash’s disturbing book on two levels: either as in–depth reporting of a major corporate scandal, or as a legal thriller, the denouement of which is left hanging until the final pages. On any
score, she offers a first–rate read, rich both with personality sketches and comprehensible explanations of complex medical issues.

Her subject is the meteoric rise and free fall of Vioxx, among the hottest of the “miracle drugs” of the early 21st century. Merck & Co., Inc., the makers of Vioxx, promised relief to millions of people who suffered from arthritic pains and other aches, but the drug soon came under legal attack for allegedly causing heart attacks and was withdrawn from the market…” Reviewer: Joseph C. Goulden